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Anti–Racism Working Group established in Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO has commissioned a working group to raise awareness of racism, from micro–racial aggression to the fatal consequences of major racism.

The group was established following the death of George Floyd and the rise of the Black Lives Matter protest, when a parishioner approached the Diocese with a request that some action be taken. At the request of Bishop Robert, the parishioner was put into contact with Fr. Adrian Tuckwell, the Episcopal Vicar for Caritas, who contacted members of the Pastoral Forum and, with the blessing of the Diocese, created the Anti–Racism Working Group. This builds on the work of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales from 1999, where they welcomed the Macpherson Report following the death of Stephen Lawrence; and, in the light of its useful definition of ‘institutional racism’, urged all Catholic organisations and institutions to look again at how they could better serve minority ethnic communities in our society.

On 26 January the Diocese held a launch anti–racism webinar titled “Racism: A Challenge for our Diocese” which aimed to raise awareness of racism and its consequences. The event was opened by Bishop Robert Byrne CO, with presentations delivered by Kelechi Dibie (on racial microaggressions) and Beverley Prevatt–Goldstein (on the consequences of racism).

More than 60 people attended the event, including representatives from the Clergy, Board of Trustees, Episcopal Council, Partnership Deans and Chairs, Pastoral Forum, Curia, Justice & Peace, and the Vicariate for Education.

After the video presentations, attendees broke into nine groups to discuss the following questions:

  1. What is your initial reaction to what you have seen and heard in the presentations?

  2. What will you do as a result of what you have heard and learnt today?

  3. What is essential for us, the Diocese, to do to progress towards being a fully anti–racist Diocese?

The response to the evening was powerful, with many people recognising the need to make changes in their individual lives, as well as a significant number of actions to develop better and more open practice across the Diocese. The Anti–Racism working group will now look to continue its deepening of this issue and widening of awareness across the Diocese.

For more information or opportunities to be involved, please email Dr. Nigel Lightfoot, Chair of the Pastoral Forum.

EV for Caritas, Fr. Adrian Tuckwell
on behalf of the Anti–Racism Working Group

Overseas Aid – Petition

There are suggestions that the Government is planning to reduce its commitment to giving 0.7% of GDP as overseas aid. We want to keep this commitment, and maintain this country's proud record in helping the world's poor. Please join us in signing this petition, you can sign it here.


Current Appeals

Click on link to review the appeal:

J&P Refugee Project – Destitute Asylum Seekers

Little Sisters of the Poor

Vinnie's Cafe (SVP)

An appeal by Filipino Nurses – Relief Operations for Victims of Typhoon Ulysses / Vamco

Justice & Peace Refugee Project – Destitute Asylum Seekers in dire need:

The Covid-19 Pandemic is having a profound effect on destitute asylum seekers locally who receive no financial support or accommodation from Government.

It has been a particularly difficult year for the Refugees and Asylum Seekers in our local community and we are hoping to provide something extra for them this Christmas. So please continue to support the project financially if at all possible, people have been incredibly generous despite the problems we are facing. Thank you.

Details of the Project’s Bank Account are; DHN, Justice & Peace Refugee Project sort code 40–34–18, account number 52854058. Alternatively, cheques made payable to DHN, Justice & Peace Refugee Project can also be sent to Sara Harris, Justice and Peace Refugee Project Co-ordinator, St. Vincent’s Support Centre, New Bridge Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2TQ.

Please click here to read more about the project and how you can help.

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Little Sisters of the Poor Home, Newcastle:

The Little Sisters of the Poor have launched a vital fundraising appeal, in response to the increasing pressures faced by St. Joseph’s Care Home during the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

The Little Sisters of the Poor at St. Joseph’s Home in Newcastle are finding the current economic climate increasingly more demanding. The emergency lockdown measures we implemented to aid efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and keep our residents safe has had a massive impact on our fundraising activities and the charitable donations we rely on to meet the daily running costs of the Home.

We are appealing for urgent donations to help us continue with our work of caring for the Elderly and to enable us to carry out essential fire prevention upgrades to our Home.

In these uncertain times, small acts of kindness can make a huge difference in helping our Home.

Make a Donation

Cheques made payable to ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ can be sent to: St. Joseph’s Home, Westmoreland Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7QA. Alternatively, secure, online donations can be made here.

We ask God to bless and reward you and your families for your continued support.

Please follow this link to see how you can help.

Separately, David and Theresa O'Neill have asked us to share their fundraising efforts for the Little Sisters of the Poor.

David says, "Over the years, with the help of parishes & individuals, we have raised over £12,500 for the home. We collect used postage stamps (any country or period), currency (notes & coins from any country or period), broken gold & silver (even earring backs) & military medals (any conflict or period).

We can be contacted by email or by phone at 0191 264 5771. Our address is 34 Morston Drive, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 7RZ.

Thank you for your help."

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Vinnie's Cafe – St. Vincent de Paul Society:

Vinnie's Cafe offer help and support to people in need in Newcastle for St. Vincent De Paul Society. Their food bank supplies are currently running low. If anyone could help them with donations it would be very much appreciated. You can donate through their justgiving fundraiser or call them to arrange a suitable drop off for supplies by tel: 0191 261 6027 (option 1, Monday – Thursday).

Alternatively, you can send a bank payment to Nat West Bank, sort code: 60–60–04, account no. 46073051 and ref: SVP Newcastle. Thank you.

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An Appeal by the Filipino Nurses / Community of Sunderland:
Relief Operations for Victims of Typhoon Ulysses / Vamco

We, the Filipino Community in Sunderland, would like to ask for your support to help us reach our fellow countrymen in Philippines, who have been steadfast through experiencing five consecutive destructive Typhoons since the beginning of October 2020 until the current time. Our hearts have been touched by how they have shown constant resilience through different calamities, including the recent eruption of Taal Volcano, the rampaging of Super Typhoon Goni last month, and the most recent Typhoon Vamco, which enkindled a desire for us to provide as much help as we can to those who have been left without a home, food, and clothing; especially those who have lost their loved ones, including the families of our Filipino friends and neighbours here in Sunderland and the whole United Kingdom.

Taal Volcano"Taal Volcano" by Imahinasyon Photography is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Despite their strong will and optimism, which enabled them to survive these difficult times, it is apparent how they have been badly affected physically and financially, so, we have decided to undertake to gather as much help as we can through accepting both cash and/or in-kind donations (canned goods, toiletries, blankets, towels, and anything you can give will much appreciated.)

For more information and further details of how you can support and contribute to this appeal, read the full appeal here.

May God bless you! Sincerely Yours,

Sheila Fortuna, Jubilin Macalalad and Min Payumo, Representatives of the Sunderland Filipino Community.

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Future events will be displayed here as they become available.

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