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Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

Upcoming Non-Diocesan Events


Newman 101: Why Newman Still Matters Today

Newman 101: Why Newman Still Matters Today” – an online colloquium celebrating the 10th anniversary of beatification and 1st of canonisation. Leading Newman scholars will present short papers on different themes from Newman’s legacy. This talk takes place at 4.00pm on Saturday 31 October.

See poster or visit for more information and registration.

Rosary Whirlwind British Isles – October 2020
for Faith, Life & Peace

October is traditionally the month dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary. Once again catholics across England, Wales, Scotland and the Isles are invited to take up their rosaries for an intensive Rosary Whirlwind Mission for the spiritual well-being of the British Isles and for its preservation from degeneration, disaster, sickness and war.

Daily we are witnessing increasing levels of violence, rebellion and lawlessness. The Church is under great attack, the faith is being undermined, the sanctity of life is not honoured and peace is lacking everywhere. The covid–19 global pandemic threatens a second wave – people are fearful of what the future may hold. More than ever we need to intercede for our Isles and for the conversion to Christ of our peoples and that they be protected from all danger, from all sickness and from all evil.

Our refuges are the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the mantle of protection of St. Michael & the Angels, St. Joseph, and our Saints & Martyrs.

Rosary Whirlwind will invoke the mighty intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary inviting a WHIRLWIND of Heavenly Grace to blow where it wills across our Nations.

It will take place from wherever you are and will have four main components!

  1. Invitation to a nightly online Rosary at 8.00pm led from a different Marian Shrine, Cathedral or Parish – line up to follow.

  2. On Tuesday 13 October – Feast of Our Lady of Fatima of the Holy Rosary we will undertake the Rosary Whirlwind British Isles from wherever we are. You are invited to sign up your location on the Map at

    Participants are encouraged to arrange Rosaries in places all over our Isles - Rosary in your neighbourhood, Rosary around your parish or Diocese, Rosary from your convent or monastery, Rosary in your home, from your hospital bed, your prison cell, from your care home, Rosary online – Rosary from wherever you are called.

    When forming outside groups – they should be no larger than 6 and you need to be in a protective social bubble so that social distancing is honoured! This rule of 6 may change as further government guidelines re covid–19 unfold.

  3. Saturday 31 October – Eve of All Saints – National Rosary Relay Rally from 9.00am to 9.00pm – where the Dioceses of the British Isles are invited to take an hour where the Rosary is said in parishes, homes etc throughout the Diocese during their designated hour.Our Diocese has been allocated 4.00pm as its designated hour. The full list and timings can be viewed here.

    May the Rosaries offered on the Eve of All Saints 2020 – be a defence for our peoples and Isles from the snares, traps and entanglements of the devil.

  4. The Culmination of the Rosary Mission will be on Sunday 1 November – Feast of All Saints – when Bishop John will lead a thanksgiving Rosary at 8.00pm from St. Mirin’s Cathedral, Paisley, Scotland.

I want you to know that in this kind of warfare, the battering ram has always been the Rosary.” St. Dominic.

Imagine the joy of the Blessed Mother when she sees the entire British Isles full of people imploring her powerful intercession!

Our Lady of Walsingham, Our Lady of the Rosary pray for us, pray for England, pray for our Isles.

40 Days for Life Vigil / Campaign

40 Days For Life vigil/campaign takes place for the first time in Newcastle. It objective is,

Helping to end the injustice of abortion 40 Days for Life is an internationally coordinated 40–day campaign that aims to end abortion locally through prayer and fasting, community outreach, and a peaceful all–day vigil in front of abortion businesses.


Christ told us some demons can only be driven out by prayer and fasting. The two go hand in hand. Prayer keeps us rooted in the fact that it is our desire to carry out God's will. Fasting is a sacrifice that helps us reach beyond our own limitations with God's help. Each day during 40 Days for Life, individuals, churches, families and groups will be asked to join together in prayer for a specific request so the entire Body of Christ can unite around a common focus.

People of faith are also invited to fast throughout 40 Days for Life. We believe that when God’s people fast with a broken, repentant and contrite spirit, our heavenly Father will hear from heaven and heal our lives, our churches, our communities, our nation, and our world.


The visible, public centerpiece of 40 Days for Life is a focused, 40–day, non–stop, round–the–clock prayer vigil outside an abortion facility in your community. It is a peaceful and educational presence. Those who are called to stand witness during this 12–hour–a–day presence send a powerful message to the community about the tragic reality of abortion. It also serves as a call to repentance for those who work at the abortion center and those who patronise the facility.

Beginning on Wednesday 23 September and lasting until 1 November, the vigil is taking place outside of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPS) Mea House, Ellison Place, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8XS from 8.00am – 8.00pm. Vigil volunteers are wanted who are able to give one hour of their time to stand outside and quietly say the rosary. There will be no more than three people at a time and it will be a peaceful and prayerful vigil throughout. Information will be handed out to those who show any interest or who ask for more information.

Any one interested in joining the vigil should contact the co–ordinator, Janice Hall on her mobile: 07943 199471.

The 40 Days for Life website provides more detail and background to the campaign running internationally.

Clifton Diocese and Downside Abbey Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
28 July to 6 August 2021

A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land is the most incredible experience! This very special trip, exclusively for young UK Catholic adults in the age range 18 to 35ish, has been specifically designed with young people in mind. In addition to celebrating Mass at some of the Holiest Places on Earth, this Pilgrimage will bring your Faith alive in a way you never imagined. Contact for itinerary, pricing and booking form.