Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

Department for Spirituality

Prayer Walks around the Diocese – Cuddy's Corse

The uncorrupted body (Corse) of St. Cuthbert was carried from Chester–le–Street to Durham Cathedral, this walk follows the journey.

The route of this Walk is traditionally followed by groups of pilgrims on 20 March, the Feast of St. Cuthbert, but can obviously be taken at any time of the year. Some parts are around fields and along woodland tracks so can be a bit muddy. It is well way–marked from the outskirts of the town and fairly easy to follow before then.

The walk begins at St. Cuthbert's Church in Chester–le–Street and ends at the Cathedral in Durham or, perhaps more accurately, the bus station there! There is a car park directly opposite the church and ample parking around the town. The walk is about 8 miles – allow around five hours with a stop at Finchale Priory.

There are regular buses from Durham to Chester–le–Street for the return trip.

The route is fairly accessible to those with buggies or wheelchairs at any point from Finchale Priory (about halfway) where it follows made–up roads and pathways – and certainly from the outskirts of Durham itself.


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