Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

Department for Spirituality

Prayer Walks around the Diocese – Finchale Priory Prayer Walk

This walk takes its inspiration from an ancient poem known as ‘St. Manchan’s Prayer’. It was written sometime between 450 and 550AD, but could apply equally well to St. Godric who first created a hermitage at Finchale in the 1100’s. After many travels, he came to Finchale and lived a solitary life as a hermit until his death in 1170. Here he wrote hymns and, as with many hermits, grew deeply attached to the place to which he sensed God had called him, his ‘place of resurrection’. Read more about Godric.

The walk begins at Finchale Priory. Google map link. For Priory opening times, check here. There is parking at the caravan park (small charge for token to exit) or you may be able to find a space in the layby on Cocken Road, in which case, follow the steps down to the river, turn right and cross the footbridge.

The walk should be around a mile, but to get the most from it, it would be wise to allow at least a couple of hours if not longer; why not take a simple picnic with you. You might find it helpful to take along a copy of the poem. You can also download a a recording of the prayer from Amazon.

Finally, you might like to have with you tree, flower and bird identification books!

Depending on your route, the walk will include slopes and, possibly, quite a few steps. Some of the riverside walks should be accessible by wheelchairs.

Details of Walk

St. Manchans Prayer