The Selection Process - Application, checks and references

An Enquirer enters the formal stage of discernment, called the Selection Process, on completion of the “Application For Priestly Formation” Form. This process will help the diocesan Bishop to make a judgement as to whether an individual may have received a call from God to serve as a priest, and also about the suitability of that individual to begin training for the priesthood.

The application form asks you for some basic information which will inform those involved with the selection process about your personal history, education, employment and membership of the Church. In addition you will be given the opportunity to tell us in an essay something about your life journey to date and also about your sense of vocation and understanding of the priesthood.

At this point, in compliance with legal responsibilities, the Church must make a National Database and Criminal Records Bureau Check, safeguarding the young and vulnerable in its duty of care.

References will be requested from the applicant’s Parish Priest, Employer, Academic and Personal Referees.