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Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Séamus Cunningham

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Sisters of Marie Reparatrice in:

Sisters of Marie Reparatrice, Jesmond, Newcastle

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Sisters of Marie Reparatrice, 162 Osborne Road, Newcastle on Tyne, NE2 3LE

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We are members of an international congregation founded in 1855 by a Belgian lady, Emilie d’Oultremont d’Hooghvorst.  She was left a widow at the age of 28, the mother of four children.  On the day of the proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, December 8th 1854, she was praying in the family chapel, when it seemed to her that Mary was inviting her to respond to the tenderness of God’s love with something of the special love found in the heart of a mother, like that of Mary herself for Jesus.

Our charism is a call to love Jesus and the members of his Body, particularly those who suffer, with the love found in the heart of a mother.  It is a call to live reparation with Mary through an awareness of the immensity of God’s love and the gravity of sin that disfigures humanity as well as creation, evoking a desire to respond to this passionate love of God for humanity and to make it known.

For Emilie the Eucharist was a special expression of God’s love, and we continue to express our response through an intense Eucharistic life.  Our apostolic works include spiritual accompaniment, catechesis, hospital chaplaincy, various forms of pastoral care and care for the earth, as well as concern for issues of justice and peace.

Our foundress was beatified in 1997 under her religious name: Mary of Jesus.


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