Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

On–Going Formation of Priests
Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle

On–Going Formation of Clergy in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle is made up of two mutually supportive Teams: the On–Going Formation of Priests and the On–Going Formation of Deacons Teams.

The On–Going Formation of Priests:

St. John Vianney – The Cure of Ars and patron saint of all priests – reminds us that, “The Priesthood is the love of the Heart of Jesus. When you see the priest, think of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

St. Vianney sets a high bar for priests to live up to, hence we as priests in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle need to be continually aware of our need to be fully steeped in the areas of spiritual, pastoral, intellectual and human development in order to live a life worthy of the Priesthood.


Director for On–Going Formation for Priests:

Fr. Shaun O’Neill, tel: 0191 265 5290 or email:

On–Going Formation Team:

The OGF Team have been given specific areas of formation to organise and promote.

Spirituality – Fr. Martin Morris

Pastoral – Fr. Shaun Purdy

Intellect – Fr. Andrew Downie

Human Development – Fr. John Bagnall

Retreats – Fr. Shaun O’Neill

Future Events:

Diocesan Events:

Clergy Ongoing Formation Calendar of events 2021:

Click here to find out more about what events are planned during 2021.

Until further notice the reflections will be online and registration will be sent out with links via Bishop’s House from Paula Henley.


These events will be held online with further details to follow:

John Henry Newman and Our Lady Minsteracres Thursday 30 September

Reconciliation St. Aloysius Church, Hebburn Thursday 14 October

Operational Ongoing Formation North and South of Diocese October

Other Diocesan and Religious Institutions’ Events:

Divine Renovation:

If you’re interested in exploring more about parish renewal in your parish, I recommend:

  • Connect with us here, scroll down and input your details, or respond to this email and we will add you to our list – we send out a monthly email with information of our events, support, and stories of parishes around the UK focusing on parish renewal.

  • Read the book Divine Renovation and have a look at introductory videos on our Youtube channel.

  • If you’re a parish priest who would like support to start implementing parish renewal principles in your parish, check out Kickstart, or email me (Hannah) to speak more about it.

Items of Interest:

Document from Congregation for the Clergy:

This document entitled, ‘The pastoral conversion of the Parish community in the service of the evangelising mission of the Church’ can be read here.