Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

Diocesan Vision, Mission and Values



Under the guidance of Bishop Séamus Cunningham and the Diocesan Board of Trustees, the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle has been on a five-year journey of prayer and reflection, of listening and sharing, and of discipleship and hope. This has resulted in the developing of 18 Partnerships of local parishes through which laity, religious and clergy are committed to building God’s Kingdom and to ensuring that there is a thriving and sustainable Catholic community for the future.

As we continue our journey together, it is important to re-establish a clear Vision and Mission for our Diocese to help us focus our talents, energies and prayers on the things that are most important. A Diocesan Strategy Group, working with the Diocesan Board of Trustees, has produced a Vision and Mission statement for the Diocese. The group has also drawn upon the expertise of people from across the Diocese to develop a set of Values and Behaviours. These have all been endorsed by Bishop Séamus and the Diocesan Trustees.

The next stage is to communicate the Vision, Mission and Values to everyone so that they become part of the very fabric of the Diocese and act as a reference point for all that we seek to do together for the sake of God’s Kingdom.


Inspired by the Risen Christ, we aim to be a Church where communities of faith flourish, members accept co-responsibility for the building of God’s Kingdom, enabling all to live life to the full.



To be a welcoming, worshipping people of God, sharing the Good News, growing as Disciples of Jesus in faith, and living in loving service of others.




Being honest, open and consistent in all that we do.


Respecting every human being, respecting diversity and everyone’s different gifts and opinions and respecting our world.


Trusting in God, trusting in each other and trusting in ourselves.


Having an attitude of service and using our talents to serve God and our neighbour.


Seeing God’s face in everyone, particularly the poor and the vulnerable.

Our Vision, Mission and Values - A message from Bishop Séamus:


Bishop Séamus' Pastoral Letter - a copy of Bishop's Pastoral letter read out at all parishes on the weekend of 9 / 10 February 2019.

Downloadable Vision/Prayer card (A4 poster size or A5); side one: the new Vision, Mission and Values, side two: Partnership Prayer.