Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Séamus Cunningham


Christmas Mass times by Town and Church.


Christmas Mass Times will be published here as they are made available. Any Parish or Partnership wishing to display theirs can send details through to


Church Town and Name Christmas Eve Christmas Day Partnership
Alnwick, St. Paul's 6.30pm (carols from 6.00pm) 9.30am Lindisfarne
Annfield Plain, St. Teresa's 5.00pm   Pontop
Ashington, St. Aidan's 6.00pm
Midnight Mass
10.30am Brinkburn
Backworth, Our Lady’s & St Edmund’s   9.30am Tynemouth Priory
Barnard Castle, St. Mary's Midnight Mass
(carols from 11.30pm)
Bedlington, St. Bede's 6.00pm   Brinkburn
Bellingham, St. Oswald   10.00am Heavenfield
Bells Close, St. George's 8.00pm (carols from 7.30pm) 10.00am Blackfriars
Benton, St. Aidan's 5.00pm 9.15am Jesmond, St. Mary
Berwick-upon-Tweed, Our Lady and St Cuthbert’s 7.00pm 10.00am Lindisfarne
Billingham-on-Tees, St. Joseph's   10.00am Hilda
Billingham-on-Tees, St. John the Evangelist 7.00pm   Hilda
Billingham-on-Tees, Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary 5.00pm   Hilda
Birtley, St. Joseph's 6.00pm
Midnight Mass (carols from 11.30pm)
Blackhall, St. Joseph's 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm)   St. Mary the Virgin
Blackhill, Our Blessed Lady Immaculate 6.30pm
Midnight Mass 12.00am
Blyth, Our Lady and St. Wilfrid's 5.15pm (Children's Mass)
  Seaton Delaval
Brooms, Our Blessed Lady and St. Joseph 7.30pm   Pontop
Byermoor, The Sacred Heart   9.30am Pontop
Cheeseburn Grange, St. Francis Xavier   9.30am Blackfriars
Chester-le-Street, St. Cuthbert's 7.00pm 10.30am Benedict
Chopwell, Our Lady of Lourdes 7.00pm (carols from 6.30pm)   Ovingham
Consett, St. Patrick's 5.30pm
Consett, St. Pius X   9.30am Pontop
Corbridge, St. Andrews 5.00pm (carols from 4.30pm)   Heavenfield
Coundon, St. Joseph's 7.00pm   Escomb
Cowpen, St. Cuthbert's   9.30am Seaton Delaval
Coxhoe, Ss Joseph, Patrick and Cuthbert 6.00pm (carols from 5.40pm)   Finchale
Crawcrook, St. Agnes'   9.30am Ovingham
Crook, Our Lady Immaculate and St. Cuthbert 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm)   Escomb
Cullercoats, St. Mary 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm) 11.00am Tynemouth Priory
Darlington, Holy Family 8.00pm (carols from 7.30pm) 10.00am Hogarth
Darlington, St. Augustine's 6.00pm
Midnight Mass
(carols from 11.30pm)
10.00am Hogarth
Darlington, St. Thomas Aquinas 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm)   Hogarth
Dipton, St. Patrick's 8.00pm   Pontop
Dunston, St. Philip Neri   9.30am John Ingram
Durham, Parish of Durham Martyrs
(to be held in St. Leonard's Sports Hall)
7.30pm (carols from 7.00pm) 10.00am Finchale
Durham, St. Cuthbert's 10.30pm (carols from 10.00pm) 10.00am Finchale
Esh Laude, St. Michael's 5,00pm (carols from 4.30pm)   Finchale
Felling, St. Patrick's 6.30pm 9.00am in St. Alban’s, Pelaw John Ingram
Ferryhill, All Saints 5.00pm   Escomb
Gainford, St. Osmund's 6.30pm (carols by candlelight from 6.00pm) 9.30am (Dawn Mass)
11.30am (Solemn Mass)
Gateshead, Corpus Christi 8.00pm (carols from 7.30pm)   John Ingram
Gateshead, Holy Rosary 5.00pm   John Ingram
Gateshead, Immaculate Heart of Mary 5.30pm   John Ingram
Gateshead, St. Joseph's 5.00pm (carols from 4.30pm)
Midnight Mass (Latin, carols from 11.30pm)
10.00am John Ingram
Gateshead, St. Peter   10.00am John Ingram
Gateshead, St. Wilfrid's 5.00pm (carols from 4.30pm)   John Ingram
Haltwhistle, St. Wilfrid   11.00am Heavenfield
Hartlepool, St. Cuthbert 10.00pm (Midnight Mass)   Hilda
Hartlepool, St. John Vianney 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm)   Hilda
Hartlepool, St. Joseph 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm) 10.00am Hilda
Hartlepool, St. Mary   9.30am Hilda
Hartlepool, St. Patrick 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm)   Hilda
Hartlepool, St. Thomas More   8.30am (Dawn Mass) Hilda
Hayden Bridge, St. John of Beverley   9.30am Heavenfield
Hebburn, St. Aloysius 11.30pm (Midnight Mass - carols from 11.00pm) 10.00am Bede
Hebburn, St. James 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm 10.00am in St. Aloysius, Hebburn Bede
Hexham, St. Mary 8.00pm (carols from 7.30pm) 10.00am Heavenfield
Highfield, St. Joseph's 9.30pm (carols from 9.00pm)   Ovingham
Horden, Our Lady Star of the Sea 4.30pm   St. Mary the Virgin
Hutton Henry, Ss Peter & Paul   8.30am St. Mary the Virgin
Lanchester, All Saints 7.00pm 9.30am Pontop
Langley Moor, St. Patrick's 5.00pm (carols from 4.30pm) 10.00am Finchale
Minsteracres, St. Elizabeth's Midnight Mass
(carols from 11.30pm)
9.30am Heavenfield
Morpeth, St. Robert of Newminster Midnight Mass 10.00am Brinkburn
Murton, St. Joseph's 4.30pm (carols from 4.00pm)   St. Mary the Virgin
New Hartley, Our Lady & St. Joseph's 7.00pm (carols from 6.30pm)   Seaton Delaval
New Seaham, St. Cuthbert's 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm) 10.00am St. Mary the Virgin
Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, St. Mary's   8.30am Brinkburn
Newcastle, English Martyrs 5.00pm (carols from 4.30pm)   Blackfriars
Newcastle, St. Andrew's 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm) 9.30am Blackfriars
Newcastle, St. Bede's 7.00pm (carols from 6.30pm)   Blackfriars
Newcastle, St. Charles' 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm) 8.30am
Newcastle, St. Cuthbert's 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm) 10.00am Blackfriars
Newcastle, St. Dominic's Priory Church 5.30pm (Vigil Mass)
Midnight Mass
(carols from 11.30pm)
10.00am Jesmond, St. Mary
Newcastle, St. John Vianney's 5.30pm (carols from 5.00pm) 10.00am Blackfriars
Newcastle, St. Mark's 8.00pm 9.00am Blackfriars
Newcastle, St. Mary's Cathedral 8.00pm 8.00am
Newcastle, St. Michael's   10.00am Blackfriars
Newcastle, St. Robert's 7.00pm (carols from 6.30pm) 10.00am Blackfriars
Newcastle, St. Teresa of the Infant Jesus 7.00pm 11.00am Jesmond, St. Mary
Newhouse, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs   10.00am Finchale
North Gosforth, The Sacred Heart 6.00pm (young families)
8.00pm (carols)
10.00am (carols) Seaton Delaval
Pelaw, St. Alban's 6.30pm in St. Patrick’s, Felling 9.00am John Ingram
Peterlee, Our Lady of the Rosary 6.30pm (carols from 6.00pm) 9.30am St. Mary the Virgin
Ponteland, St. Matthew's 5.00pm (carols from 4.30pm) 10.30am Blackfriars
Rothbury, St. Agnes   9.00am Lindisfarne
Ryhope, St. Patrick's 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm) 9.15am Monkwearmouth
Sacriston, St. Bede 5.00pm (carols from 4.30pm) 9.00am Benedict
Seaham Harbour, St. Mary Magdalen 7.00pm (carols from 6.30pm) 9.30am St. Mary the Virgin
Sedgefield, St. John Fisher   10.45am Finchale
Shotley Bridge, Our Lady of the Rosary   9.30am Pontop
Shotton, Our Lady of Lourdes 5.00pm (carols from 4.30pm)   St. Mary the Virgin
South Shields, St. Oswald's   9.30am Bede
Stanley, St. Joseph's 5.30pm   Pontop
Stella, SS Mary and Thomas Aquinas 4.00pm (family Mass)
5.30pm (family Mass)
7.00pm (Vigil Mass)
9.30am Ovingham
Stockton-on-Tees, English Martyrs & SS. Peter and Paul 5.30pm   Hilda
Stockton-on-Tees, St. Bede's 8.00pm   Hilda
Stockton-on-Tees, St. Cuthbert's   10.30am Hilda
Stockton-on-Tees, St. Joseph's   9.30am Hilda
Stockton-on-Tees, St. Mary's 6.00pm (Vigil Mass)   Hilda
Stockton-on-Tees, St. Patrick's   9.00am Hilda
Sunderland, Immaculate Heart of Mary   10.00am Monkwearmouth
Sunderland, St. Anne's 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm) 9.00am Monkwearmouth
Sunderland, St. Benet's 4.30pm (carols from 4.00pm) 10.00am Monkwearmouth
Sunderland, St. Cecilia's and St. Patrick's 7.00pm (carols from 6.30pm)   Monkwearmouth
Sunderland, St. Hilda's 5.00pm (carols from 4.30pm)   Monkwearmouth
Sunderland, St. Joseph's 6.30pm (carols from 6.00pm) 9.30am Monkwearmouth
Sunderland, St. Leonard's 5.30pm (Vigil Mass)   Monkwearmouth
Sunderland, St. Mary's 5.30pm (carols from 5.00pm) 10.00am Monkwearmouth
Sunderland, The Holy Family 7.00pm (carols from 6.30pm)   Monkwearmouth
Sunderland, The Holy Rosary 5.00pm (Vigil Mass)
Midnight Mass
Sunderland, The Sacred Heart and St. John Bosco 7.00pm (carols from 6.30pm)   Monkwearmouth
Swinburne, St. Mary's 5.00pm   Heavenfield
Thornley, The Sacred Heart and English Martyrs 8.00pm (carols from 7.30pm) 9.15am (Latin) St. Mary the Virgin
Throckley, St. Cuthbert's 7.00pm (carols from 6.30pm)   Blackfriars
Tow Law, St. Joseph's   9.00am Escomb
Trimdon, St. William's 8.00pm   Finchale
Tynemouth, Our Lady & St. Oswin 8.00pm (carols from 7.30pm) 9.30am Tynemouth Priory
Ushaw Moor, St. Joseph 7.30pm (carols from 7.00pm)   Finchale
Wallsend, Our Lady and St. Columba 4.30pm (carols from 4.00pm) 9.00am Tynemouth Priory
West Monkseaton, Immaculate Heart of Mary 8.00pm (carols from 7.30pm)   Tynemouth Priory
Whickham, St. Mary's 7.30pm   John Ingram
Whitley Bay, St Edward’s 6.00pm (carols from 5.30pm) 11.00am Tynemouth Priory
Windlestone, The Sacred Heart   10.00am Escomb
Wolsingham, St. Thomas of Canterbury   10.30am Escomb